Hey guys I'm moving to go to school in a few months, and I can't really keep my mesa anymore. I wanted to switch to a DSP unit for a while now, and now is the time i really have to do it.. But I've got a few questions.

One is, I should be able to get 1200 - 1500 if my amp and cab and pedals sell on cl, but so far it seems that isn't gonna happen... So I might have to sell to GC. Does the POD HD Pro keep up to the AXE FX standard (thats really the only one I could afford)?

Also I have a small pa I use for vocals I use here at home, can I run what ever dsp I get into it?

And lastly how can I run whatever dsp I get into my computer, and can I use my computer like an amp for say, just to hear my tone and and play through it like a practice amp?


Edit: Also How does Eleven Rack Compare to The POD HD Pro and Axe FX, They seem to be selling for the cheapest, but what I've read most people seem to not like theirs... the most important question for me is, can it djent?

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