how much should i sell this for? (sry if im posting this in the wrong thread)

-used g-dec junior amp ( nothing wrong with it)

-used Squir strat affinity guitar ( no tremolo bar because it kinda snapped in half + couple scratches on pickguard + pickup selector a little bent but works)

-owned both for over 2 years

-ill probably add a guitar cable and replace the strings on guitar with new elixirs since the high E string broke awhile ago

i could use some money and more space in my room lol. what would you suggest me selling it for? i was thinking originally $200-$250?
According to my researches you can get both new for something around $300. So I wouldn't pay 250$ for a broken guitar and a used amp.
Realistically, you're probably only going to get between $150 and $200.
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also i would add the guitar carrying bag the guitar came with. not like that changes anything though