I wrote this in 10 minutes, between listening the to The Mars Volta and going to the toilet. I think it shows.

Awake and find yourself in shackles, now
Imprisoned, banished from the light
You will be broken before the morning comes
And your body will bleed white

What have you done to service truth, boy
How could you have lived a just life
A shadow, woman-cast, spills over you
Tells you, you were mistaken, to take the darkness for a wife

The chains, they bite your oh-so tender skin
Your emptiness becomes your blight
She will break you before the morning come
And she will bleed your body white

From a hiding place within your mind
Oh, how you would survey your peers
You thought you knew, just what they were thinking
You played them off each other, you became the source of fear

The chains that bind your limbs
Grow ever tighter as you fight
You will not break them before morning comes
Resignation bleeds your face and makes it white.
Not bad for having written it after using the toilet. No, but in all seriousness, good song. It just needs a title, huh?
Thanks for the post, man.

Yeah, I have loads of lyrics without titles. Guess that's where any creativity I have dissipates