UltimateComics Thread!

In celebration of the Avengers opening this summer, The Walking Dead, and another reason to be inside, I thought it would be best to open up another issue of the Comics thread. The old one is not quite up to stuff, so I will be taking the liberty to create this beautiful OP.


Best know for:

Iron Man




More recently:

Civil War



Best known for:



Green Lantern (Probably my favorite comics. Start from Sinestro Wars and read all the way through to Blackest Night.)

And of course AQUAMAN!

There are so many more comics that I did not include purposely for the point of creating discussion. I don't care if you talk about the Walking Dead or the Comic related movies. If you like comic books post here!

Also if you feel I should add a must read list to the OP start throwing out names and I will try to upload them as much as possible. Happy reading!
Witch Doctor.


Witch Doctor combines elements of the horror and medical drama genres. The protagonist, Dr. Vincent Morrow, is a maverick doctor who specializes in "supernatural medicine," supplementing common medical practices with magic. Dr. Morrow's "cases" predominantly involve infectious supernatural creatures like vampires, demonic possession, as well as elements based on the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft. In the first Witch Doctor mini-series, Dr. Morrow treats (and battles) a vampire, demons possessing a child, faerie changelings, and Deep Ones (crossed with the Creature From the Black Lagoon), among others.

Dr. Morrow is assisted by Eric Gast, a paramedic who is apparently new to the world of the supernatural, and "Penny Dreadful," a college student who seems to be infected and controlled by a supernatural creature of some sort.

I really recommend this series, there are only 5 issues out but I really like the idea behind it.
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