I have been ALL over google for a long time. Many people are posting and asking about the cathode follower position but I have yet to find one that actually tells me which v slot is the cathode follower. To my understanding the 6505+ (120 watt head not combo) has one. Are there more? which exact slot(s) is it?

Assuming its the same as the 5150II:
V4 V3 V5 V2 V1 V6
I dont understand what V3b means. I saw a list someone put together with like 12 slots with a's and b's. Does that mean that its a combination of more than one slot?


In fact, here is the list I found:

V1A - Input for both channels (1st gain stage)
V1B - 2nd lead gain stage
V2A - 3rd lead gain stage
V2B - 4th lead gain stage
V5B - 5th lead gain stage
V5A - 6th lead gain stage (driving tone stack from the anode)
V3B - FX loop driver for both channels
V3A - FX loop recovery stage for both channels
V4A + V4B - Phase Inverter
V6A - 2nd clean gain stage
V6B - 3rd clean gain stage (driving tone stack from the anode)
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12AX7 are dual triode tubes, each tube has got two seperate elements in it that can be used for two different things

edit: by that list you posted V5A would be the cathode follower for the dirty channel, and apparently V6B for the clean channel
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Ok, I understand that... but if there are certain tubes I want to avoid putting them in the cathode follower path, which slot would I avoid?


So are you saying the cathode positions are both V5 and V6??
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Im curious as to how you know its V3, or seljer who said V5A & V6B from the list I posted? Is the FX loop usually a cathode follower on most amps?

I did get the impression from another forum that it was V5....

Im so confused. lol
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