Hello, soon, I'll be buying a condenser microphone, as the heading suggests, and I'm here to ask for an opinion. I'm a Power Metal musician, so this microphone will not need to be good for screams, I'm not a screamer, and I don't plan to become one. Now, I've read that different mics are better for different voices, and that makes sense, horses for courses and all that, however, I'm a bit concerned, as I'll be recording two different voices with one. There's me, and the singer of my band to be recorded. I'm a Tenor, and she's a Soprano, so the mic will be picking up high vocals.

At the moment, there are two mics at my disposal. An SM58, which, while capable, was fairly 'cold sounding', and, as you know, it's not ideal for studios. There is also a Samson G Track USB Microphone, belonging to the singer, which we have used so far. It being a USB Mic is a bit of a problem, as it doesn't run into the preamp, and, while it does sound alright in some recordings, it has a huge mid bump on it, and the vocals often come out sounding very 'honky'.

I have my eye on this condenser;


I've heard very good things about it, especially for its price, however, when I go on youtube, it's a sea of people playing acoustic guitars, and while they yield decent results, I do wonder whether it'd be able to cope with Power and Symphonic Metal, especially as the vocal styles involved have more power, and higher pitches in general. So, would this microphone be alright for what I need? If not, what may you recommend? Money isn't much of an object, because if I cannot afford the ideal microphone, I will save, as I'd rather get a great one in a month than an okay one now, though, I would much rather not spend over five hundred pounds, as my home setup isn't ideal, I lack acoustic treatment, and I'm unlikely to be able to get acoustic treatment, so I wouldn't be able to make the best of a studio quality microphone, sadly.

I have a Line 6 UX2 Audio Interface, and, I also wonder, coupled with an SM58, would the condenser microphone I linked above, or, the condenser mic you recommend me be able to record guitars in a high quality? It seems an obvious question, however, I am unbelievably new to this.

Thank you, very much.
if you want a condenser the CAD M179 is amazing. Variable patterns, roll offs, pads, and it sounds effing phenomenal!
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