I just bought a used BC Rich Mockingbird ST today. It plays beautifully, but i have a few questions.

1. This is my first floyd rose guitar, tuning it a full step down(where i normally play my other guitars) proved to be a majoy pain as it took me a good 45 minutes to tune and retune the strings. Is there some trick to tuning a guitar with a floyd rose system? or is this something i will just have to deal with whenever i restring or change tuning?

2. the electronics seem to be really dirty (scratching and popping when i turn the nobs or flip stitches) and i dont want to get ripped off by the music shop, how should i go about cleaning out the pots and switches at home?

3. the mockingbird st comes with a 5 way tone switch. in the last 2 posission i notics a mojor differance, in the first 4, not much at all. is this normal? or is there something wrong with the electronics with this switch?

4. the volume nob for the bridge pickup shorts out and mutes everything if its turned all the way down. is this also normal for this guitar? or should i consider replacing the electronics?
Correction on the last point: The neck pickup volume nob shorts and mutes when turned all the way down. If it's all the way down the only way you can play is if the bridge pickup is the only one selected on the 3 way switch