do any of you know of a web site were i can find bass tabs?
LOL ya, I'm looking for Christian bass tabs, so far I haven't bin able to find any. I may not be doing it right, I haven't used the site vary long.
I usually just Google the song name, artist and 'bass tabs' if it's not on here.
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to find a tab in this site, you should go to this site's homepage, and under the ultimate-guitar logo, there's a little white box which says "search for:" there is where you put the name of the song you want to find, and next to it, you choose "tabs", which is set as default so you don't really have to change anything. then, you'll be shown the search results. at the left side of the screen, you'll find that you can filter the tabs acording to their type, so you choose "bass tabs", and there you go. if there are any bass tabs of the song uploaded to this site, you'll find it this way.
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