Hey guys. I own an LTD EC1000FR and I the floyd set in standard, but with D'addario Light Top, Medium Bottom 11-52 gauge. I'm looking to go around 10-46, is it required that I reset intonation, truss rod etc.. Or can I simply change them as I normally would. By simply retuning, adjusting springs, retuning, adjusting springs, etc.
You can just retune and adjust the springs if you're going to 10-46s. The intonation shouldn't be too far off as long as you make sure that the bridge is even with the body. If you go all the way down to 9-42s you'll most likely need to adjust the truss rod and set up the intonation though. You'll also have to either remove a spring in the back of the guitar or get lighter springs too, but I'm not sure about that.
Thanks buddy ! I'll give the 10-46's a shot I guess and hopefully I like them enough so I don't have to go too deep into the tech work.

Do any other members have anything to add/tips ? I'll probably restring it tomorrow so any info is appreciated.
yeah, whenever id change strings, even if im staying in the same gauge, ill check the intonation, action, ect. going to 10-46's you will need to change the spring tension in the back cavity whether you loosen the plate holding the springs, or take a spring off completely, it doesnt matter, both have the same effect...kinda but if you can set that springs to the same spot as you had them before, the intonation shouldnt be TO bad, depends how much of a tuning Nazi you are, and how sensitive your ears are to that kinda stuff

but going to 9-42's then youll have to do all of that stuff and im guessing the trus rod as well, im not sure about the truss rod stuff because i cant tell when it needs to be changed and ive heared that a spin to far in the wrong direction could crack the neck, and start all kinds of shit so when ever i think something needs to be done to the truss rod, i just take it down to my local guitar tech and get them to do it

also, if you need any more info, try th FR setup guide, it really is a great thread and tells you most of if not everything you need to know about widdling with the trem and how to do it
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