I have a 60s japanese guitar with "audition" on the headstock, its teisco-like 60s japanese guitar but rebranded or something

Either way I need help wiring up the 2 pots
The guy I bought it from pulled the original pots, bought new ones and never installed them
Now that I have it Im getting really confused on how it should go

I mspainted it

There are 3 pickups,1 volume 1 tone, and 4 switches.
The switches 1-3 turn pickup 1-3 on or off each independently.That is still wired up fine and im not messing with it
The 4th switch is a rhythm/solo switch.

The block of switches has 3 wires coming out, ground and 2 signal wires
The signal wire yellow is the main signal wire,and orange is disconnected, but when the 4th switch is changed from rhythm to "solo" the signal from the pickups is split between the yellow and the orange wires
There is a cap that says 002/50 on it that is between the yellow and orange wire

Now I think you would just wire it up like a single pickup (ground and yellow), and the orange wire should be connected to somewhere that would clean up the signal.

I have the pick guard upside down on another guitar, wired up with those alligator clip wires.im strumming the strings, and getting output from the pick guard (but its real iffy wires falling off and stuff, dont have a nut on the audition)

I tried using a single pickup 1 vol 1 tone guide.I got the pickup on/off switches and the volume pot working fine but I couldnt get the rhythm/solo switch to respond, and couldnt get tone knob working.He did not give me a tone capacitor like you see in the wiring diagrams, so i thought maybe you hook up orange to the tone knob. That isnt right because then you would only have tone control in solo position
I have a .0047 that I am trying to use (read that its too high but should still work) but have a baggy of little ceramic disc ones that I can use

Also there is a 5k resistor that is wired to the output jack sleeve
Im not sure where that ground wire should go,

How would you go about wiring this thing up?
ive done pickup changes in 2 other guitars but this is different

Any help is appreciated
Pictures are much easier to follow. The rhythm/solo switch sounds like a tone switch (similar thing as a tone knob, but switch). Except that it would only make sense if the switch was wired so that when it was in the rhythm position the orange wire would be connected through the cap to the yellow and on the other end to ground (for that low-pass filter which is the old school rhythm sound). As for the random 5k resistor? No idea, perhaps the orange wire connected to this for a more subtle rhythm sound thing.

So basically that is the switch, when they are "off" they ground out the pickup
when they are "on" the rocker side which has no copper insert is engaged so nothing is grounded
That doesnt matter though because its all still stock wiring and works (one of the pickups isnt wired in right now, 2nd picture you can see the out of place wires on ground and the switch where it goes)

So yeah if you look in the 3rd picture it is in "rhythm" position (the orange wire is not engaged)
When you go to "solo" it is