Hey guys, here is my latest cover, but for the first time ever I collaborated with another musician. This is mine and RustyWaffle's cover of Blinded in chains. Me on guitar and him on drums. I mixed the video, and sadly no matter what I do at some point his video would go slightly off time, not sure why. But here it is. Feel free to comment on both my playing and his, any comments about his playing i'll show him. Enjoy!


As always c4c!
I wish I could give you some criticism here, but there's really nothing wrong with this. All the leads were clean, those harmonics were better than the album, and your rhythm is really tight too! The little solo lick in there was probably the only thing that sounded a little messy, but honestly, it didn't even sound bad, just shreddy. Your solo was really good too, all the bends were spot on! Your tone fit the song well, and it was just an overall great cover.
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Good cover that
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Awesome cover man! Great leads, great tone. No complaints, and the glasses were brilliant hahaha. Keep it up!
I'm sorry for my VERY late C4C response, but consider this a nice bump? haha

Your guitar playing is very well done, some really nice phrasing in there. I'd say be careful on some of your bends and work a little bit on making the guitar sound a bit clearer in the mix. But it's really good stuff and sounds great with the drums!
Keep on collaborating man, it's great to learn stuff from other musicians - you've done a brilliant job!
Hey again man! Antoher of your great covers! I love A7X and I know how hard they can be for playing sometimes, this isn't the easiest song too, but I really can't notice something wrong with your attempt for jamming it! Very appropriate tone and nice mixing as well! Again, nice job!

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