Another day, I hear myself cry,
Alone in my room, with tight shut eyes.
I say that I'm fine, but it's all just a lie,
I've figured it out - I want to die.

Is this the solution? Not that it matters.
My heart has been shattered and life left in tatters.
With numbing thoughts of guilt and shame,
I realise who is really to blame.

My thoughts were euphoric in a world laced with bliss,
Till you came along and I longed for your kiss.
But despite your scars on my mind and my wrists,
I cannot blame you. It was me who did this.

I've been here before a lot in the past.
Love is a race, and I always come last.
This time, it seems, I can stand no more,
My mind is set. I lost the war.

My world is a nightmare and nobody cares.
I take a deep breath as I kick out the chair.
My vision is fading, my lungs become bare,
The imminent end to a life of despair.

It's about suicide, obviously. First thing of the like I've ever written. Thoughts?
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"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching