I'm on a laptop.

Basically I'm want to plug my guitar in and run the signal through guitar and bass VST.
The m audio fast track 2 looks pretty good, but are there any other options?

Will my headphones sound better through it than the stock soundcard, for music listening/mixing?
Can it handle speakers for live use?

cheap MIDI keyboard running Massive on the laptop, the laptop sending the signal to fast track and then onto big monitors?
Focusrite makes some good stuff in this range. USB interfaces can be finicky though.
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Weird. I made a thread on the Ableton forums... and I've had the same answer.

I'm probably going for the Fast Track II, cause it's cheaper. Should I give more money now though, and not buy another C400 or Focusrite later?

Does anyone knows about my other original questions?
I would go with a Saffire 6 over ea Fast Track II but the Fast Track will get the job done.

Your headphones may sound better. It depends on the quality of your headphones. You shouldn't really mix with headphones unless you have to, especially with cheap headphones.

Yeah you can send it to a PA, or anything with a 1/4 cable. I have ran my UX2 to PA a number of times (thought not for guitar playing).