Hello UG!

I have been lurking on this website and these forums for ages and ages, but I've never been really active. Since I wish to get more serious with my guitar playing I figured it was just about time for my official entrance to the forums!

To start of my journey I'm keeping a blog:

I don't mean to shamelessly promote my blog but it prettymuch sums up what I am doing here and what I'm aiming for. As stated in the end of the blogpost I would like some advice.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all and I hope you can all help me improve!
( Sorry for the bad English )

You should put a link to your blog in your sig if you want people to see it.

>Go to the top of the page.
>Control Panel.
>Edit Signature.
@whoomit, thank you for your reply. I was hoping to get more reactions but I can imagine not everyone feels the need to respond.

I have added the signature and I'm currently walking through these series:

It might be basic, but I'm almost done with this and where should I look now?