And Im seriously intrigued.

I dont want any of this "new amp" bullshit, I want, tough nitty gritty opinions and experiences.


Worth the price? Experiences?


Also on offer, is a Kramer Striker 605ST, however, the owner knows fck all.


I know its made in Korea sometime in the eighties, and the guy is selling it for approximately $400 NZD. Were they terrible guitars, what should I expect and am I making a bargain on either guitar listed?
A PC1 went for 200 dollars the other day, and Im wondering if I can also score bigtime here,
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Apparently, it's being modified by a bassist...

Just take that in to consideration before you buy it. Other than that, I have nothing useful to say. Goodbye.
Aside from the fact you need a new amp ... (he has an MG10 )

Yamaha make solid guitars and always have though I can't comment on this model as I've never played one before (and likely nobody on this forum has). Bear in mind though it's used and 30 yrs old - it's rare for guitars to increase in value and they tend to only when there's some vintage attached ('59 LP or '63 Strat). This probably hasn't increased in value so consider, would you pay that much $300-500 for this guitar if it was new? Would you be willing ot pay more?
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yay another New Zealander!
some interesting shit comes up on trademe every now and again aye
as for the guitars i have never had much luck with yamaha gear, but in saying that i have never played A yamaha guitar, find out if u can try it b4 u buy it? or is it too far away?
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Im in auckland, its just the fact they may be potential rapists that scares the shit out of me.

and dont be hating on my mg10 - the clean knobs broken so it can get really, really keep up with drummer loud, and with a boss distort pedal actually sounds okay that way.
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bumpitty bump on the Kramer edited in.

Price on the Kramer is double what it should be in really good condition. I wouldn't pay more than $150 for a striker. MIK,plywood body,and crappy electronics. Plus side,the necks were killer. $400 for a striker is just way to much.
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