So finally I'm in the market for a decent acoustic for roughly £200. I stumbled upon one in a guitar store recently, a Mahogany solid top guitar (I don't entirely know what I'm talking about).

The fretboard was a little strange and different, for lack of a better word it didn't feel like it had any finishing on it, it was natural feeling and you could feel the bumps. Not bad at all, sort of liked it.

Basically because this is completely out of my area, I would like your opinion on this guitar, and any other guitars for roughly the same price. I absolutely fell in love with the look of the wood, so if preferable something similar would be nice!

Oh, and here's the specs for the guitar:
Acoustic dreadnought guitar w/ solid mahogany top - back & sides: mahogany - neck: mahogany - fingerboard: rosewood with maple inlay - bridge: rosewood - neck & body binding: black - headstock veneer: mahogany with maple inlay - soundhole: herringbone inlay - nut: bone - machine heads: diecast nickel w/ satiny black buttons - strings: D'Addario EXP - colour: natural - finish: satiny.
You could get a lot better for the money.

Stagg are known for extremely poor quality control. Occasionally you'll find a good one, but you're far more likely to find one that will fall to pieces within a few months.

For £200 you could probably get something by Takamine, Fender, Yamaha, Tanglewood, Crafter or dozens of other brands that would all play better, sound better and be more reliable for your money.

Visit a couple of guitar shops and try a few out - it's always the best advice when someone is shopping for a guitar.
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