Hello,my name is Michael
last year i made a youtube channel called myguitartuts where i take the newst/popular songs and teach them.
my first few videos werent so good and i didn't made a video for 8 months but i got a new camera,tripod and more!
i have a goal to get youtube partnership before i finish highschool which gives me 2 years and few months.
My new tutorials wont be like the old ones you see in my channel now like i said,i am going to put alot of effort and my time in the videos until now i only played the song in the video and wrote everything on the Description. and like i said i am very serious about trying to get the partnership

I will start making 2-3 videos a WEEK from this Monday

please go to my youtube channel subscribe,watch the videos like,favorite,share and help my dream come true!
Help me so i can help you back


I sorry if this isn't the right place to put this massage if there is a admin please move it to that place.