Hey guys,

I own a Epiphone LP Custom and have been wanting to mod it for a long time. I've been wanting to learn to play with a killswitch for some time now and came across the buckethead signature guitar. It uses 2 sanwa OBSF-24 pushbuttons as killswitches. Which i love the looks and feel of. (as i own a arcade fightstick with the same buttons) Also wanted to get different pickups. I have made a schematic of how i want it to be but am lost on how to wire it. Especially because of the Sanwa buttons doing the exact opposite of i want.

1. Sanwa OBSF-24 (acts as killswitch for the neck pickup)
2. Gibson 496R
3. Gibson 500T
4. Push/pull potmeter (volume) (when pulled, puts the 496R on single coil mode)
5. Push.pull potmeter (volume) (when pulled puts the 500T on single coil mode)
6. 3 Point switch (swithing between 496R and 500T)
7. Sanwa OBSF-24 (acts as killswitch for the bridge pickup)

Thats pretty much the idea, but I have little to no knowledge of how to wire all this.
neither do i know if its really all possible. For example can i switch a humbucker to single coil? Also the Sanwa pushbuttons work by pushing a little iron ball down on 2 iron pins thus making contact. So when thats wired it would make the signal come through, not kill it. Any ideas on how to fix this?

It would be awesome if you would share your knowledge with me.
Also i will start a blog with pics for those who are interested

Thanks in advance!
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It's possible to do all of this and the pushbutton (from what I gather) is normally closed so you'd press it down to disconnect the metal so it'd kill the sound.

I can try to make a really lazy diagram if you'd like on how to wire this.

The RED is hot (then continued the path to avoid confusion).

GREENS are grounds and must all be connected (just didn't draw that to avoid cluttering up the image, also mount them to the bottom of a pot).

BLUE is for the "These two wires must be grounded, etc..." wires (are actually two wires, but they are always together so drawn as one).

You MUST have the 4 wire version in order to do this, or be really careful and open up your pickup to make it into 4 wire.

If anyone notices a mistake, correct it.
Thanks man! I'll do a test setup tonight or tomorrow and get back to you with the results
the arcade plungers, are they on-off switches, or push to make? if they are push to make are you sure they are NC?
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I thought so to at first but now i found a post of someone trying this button himself. Having mailed the manufacterer, it appears the buttons are normally open. Would that change the schematic? Also if i want to use a test setup with a 2 wired humbucker how would you translate that to your schematics? As i dont feel like opening it up. it has a cover and is waxed and such so it would be a really big hassle to put it back together.

Since they're normally open, instead of how the schematic is, the switch would have hot on one side and ground on the other.

And the 2 wired wouldn't work. You can't coil split it without opening up.


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I dont really understand what your saying. Im a true noob at this :P If its not too much trouble could you alter the schematic accordingly? Also i would just use normal potmeters for the test setup so splitting the coils would not be required. Its just to see wheter the killswitch will give the desired effect.
didnt have the right equipment to test.. thought i had but didnt.
gonna pursue testing this still but its gonna be sometime this week i think. I will let you know