I recently (and randomly) received a $5 gift card from GC in the mail, which was really convenient as I am in need of a string change on my acoustic. Has anybody had good luck with Dunlop acoustic strings? I am a big fan of pretty much anything the fine people at Dunlop make, I was wondering if this carried over to their selection of strings as well.

Any thoughts? Experience? How long do they last? How do they sound?

In the future, I am looking to start buying strings in bulk (I saw they sell these Dunlop strings in 6 packs online for $30... certainly appealing if these are nice strings). If not these strings, does anyone have any other suggestions as to nice bulk sets?

Sorry, one more note-- If the Dunlop strings aren't any good, does anyone have any suggestions about any bulk sets that are economically sound? So something typically around $8/set--I have always played DR strings, and like them but cant find them in bulk.

I am a student, so anywhere I can save money while getting a quality product, (not scraping the bottom of the barrel) I am thrilled!
Ernie Ball. D'addario. The usual stuff. The one time I used Dunlop strings I hated them as they sounded dead and felt like barbed wire to me. If you like it go for it. $30 isn't a huge investment, especially for 6 sets of strings.