I am trying to create some diffirent clean tones on my Boss ME-70, but i don't know how to get a real dark sound. can someone please help me?

Epi SG Faded into a Boss ME-70 into a VOX VT100

thanks in advance
Depends how you define ''dark''. Some people define it by having no mids. Other people define it by having no treble. Some people define it as having lots of mids and no treble. Others think it's all about bass. Some people think it's all about the tuning and your playing.

Personally, a tone is ''dark'' to me if the upper-mids are lowered and the peaks are at the lower-mids and the top of the treble range. That produces a very hollow and moody sound. I usually match these ''dark'' tones with some light chorus and compression.
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Truly what you understand with dark cleans. To me its bucker plus coil split with tone knob at 4. Bridge p/u that is. To me perfect dark clean example is from Smashing Pumpkins single Tarantula, right before last solo.
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