I've been posting about brightening up a dark sound but I may have to find alternative methods to just relying on an OD pedal to do it.

So I'm down to three now :

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Are there any other OD pedals to top these guys and what do users think?
Green Rhino. OCD has too much bass. It's better for dirt than a boost. No idea about the Kalamazoo. Nonetheless, Green Rhino.
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Brightening up a dark sound? Try EQing?

Of these three overdrives I think I like the Rhino the best, it's like an evolved Tubescreamer.
Hmm, the Rhino looks the prettiest. I'm not familiar with the Kalamazoo but the other two are both good pedals so it's up to personal preference really.

EDIT: Yeah, the Rhino looks like it has more tonal options that you might be able to use to brighten up the sound as well.
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I'm probably going to get the Green Rhino as it's got loads of good stuff about it on the net - and the web ain't let me down yet!!!
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