A little background information:

Currently I am running a T.C. Electronics G Major through the effects loop of a Marshall JCM 900, which is controlled by a Rocktron MIDI Mate MIDI Foot Controller.

I've recently discovered the "relay" feature of the G Major, which essentially allows me to program presets that have the ability to change the channel on the JCM 900 through an output in the back of the G Major to the Footswitch input of the JCM 900.

This is a phenomenal feature, however my problem with the JCM 900 lies with the EQ of the different channels. When the sound I want for the Lead channel is dialed in, the sound of the Clean channel has much too low end.

I have been able to remedy this problem by using a Boss DS-1 pedal with the Clean channel almost as an EQ pedal, keeping the drive at 0, the tone boosted to 1:00, and the level around noon. This really helps accentuate the highs and gives me a good clean sound for what I'm going for. (I know I may get recommendations to invest in an EQ pedal, but I'll make use of what I have for now.)

As spoiled as the "relay" feature on the G Major has made me in terms of rig consolidation, I am really interested to see if there's a way I can run the Boss DS-1 in that same cable chain that goes from the G Major to the JCM 900, such that when the channel is switched, the Boss DS-1 is engaged, and vice-versa.

Obviously, I'm trying to eliminate the ever-infamous "tap-dancing" aspect of live shows.

So my question is:

Is there a way to include the Boss DS-1 in the chain that runs from the output of the G Major to the channel switch input of the JCM 900 so that when the channel is switched on the JCM 900, the Boss DS-1 turns on?

I'm open to any advice from anyone who has any experience with this, as well as able to maybe fiddle with the innards of the Boss DS-1 to make this capable!

(If it's any help, the G-Major has 2 "relay-out" options, not sure how this is operable as there is only one output from the G-Major, but figured it would be worth mentioning.)

Thanks so much in advance, and I apologize for the lengthiness!

- Derek
Yeah, try to dig up an old Roland GP-8. They are MIDI compatible and have an actual DS-1 in them (and an SD-1). Not a digital simulation of one, an actual analog DS-1.
Another way to go is to upgrade your G-Major to a G-System. The G-System has programmable external loops that you can run your pedals in. You leave them switched on and turn the loop on and off on a patch by patch basis.
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It doesn't work the way you want. The G major switches channels on your amp by shorting the tip to sleeve on the cable. The amp detects this ground, and changes the channel. There is no audio signal going through that cable.

The G major 2 uses more relays and a stereo cable, so you can short tip to sleeve, or tip to ring. This allows you to send 2 seperate switching commands from one cable, but you have to use a special Y cable.

EDIT: I misunderstood what you wanted to do, but the answer is basically the same. Unless you spend a lot of money making a custom loop with relay or midi switching, the G major alone won't do it.

DOUBLE EDIT: Does the G major have an EQ? the GM2 does, and if the older model does as well, you could just use the parametric EQ on your clean preset to tweak your sound. No extra pedal needed.
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If you're hand with a soldering iron a willing to open up your pedal, you can easily implement remote switching in any pedal with the Boss type bypass by just adding the connecitions for the remote switch in parallel with the existing switch. You're going to need a momenty footswitch though and I don't know if the G-Major supports momentary switching on the relay outputs? (check the manual).

If its tapdancing you want to get rid of search google for "midi loop switcher", a selection of companies make them from 2 effect loops to like a baziliion all controlled by whatever MIDI commands you feed it

edit: I agree on what was said above, check to see if your G-Major has an EQ in it already
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