Does anyone have an experience with either the Night Train 50 (or other ones) or Egnater the Tweaker 40?

Or does anyone know of any issues with them.

I've had a look online for some samples and reviews, can't see many of either, but they sound nice.

I play grunge/alt rock, can anyone advise me if it'll do the job?

Alternatively, if anyone had any other suggestions, I'm listening
The night train is an amazing amp but for your genre you definitely can't go wrong with the tweaker
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i really wanted to like the nt50 head.

i was majorly disappointed when i tried it.

flabby low end, and as i turned it up it only got worse.

maybe it was a bad one, or the cab was shit, i don't know.

i haven't tried the tweaker 40.
Thanks for the feedback so far

I think the main thing keeping me away from the Tweaker is the single EQ, but I could probably live with it eh.

That's a shame about the flabby sounding low end. I think I'm gonna definitely have to try them both out first.
I don't like the tweakers

I didn't really like the drive on the nt50 but loved the cleans. IMO, the 15 sounded better.
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I have had the tweaker 40 head for about 2 months now. This amp is an excellent choice. The single eq really isn't a problem as with all the additional tweaker switches allow you to shape your tone. The 2 channels are the same so when you dial in each one how you want it the when playing you switch between them it is a great transition. The amp also takes pedals VERY well. Great tones at low levels for practice too. There is also plenty of gain on tap too unless your wanting super high gain then just get a pedal for that. I highly recommend the tweaker 40. good luck.
How about an Egnater Renegade or Rebel?
They at least have seperate EQ and channels.

Never played a tweaker myself though.
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^ I second the renegade/rebel.

I have a rebel 30 myself and like it much more than the tweakers. But they are more expensive....
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