So recently my neighbour must of heard me playing or something and since he is having a clean out of his house he asked if I wanted his guitar. I said yes and then he dropped it off a few days later when he finnaly got round to cleaning the attic. However, he wasn't sure what make it is and since there is no writing on the headstock/tuning part neither do I.

I don't really care what make it is as far as selling it is concerned but if any of you know I am curious all the same, just so I know what guitar I'm actually playing if someone asks me.

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And can someone tell me how to get the picture on the actual post?

no clue some times it can be hard to track down a no name guitar try to google the serial number on the back of the neck and also put something like "les paul style" good luck though.
Could be just about any Les Paul copy tbh. Open the electrics cavity- there may be something in there to give you a clue
I have no idea what brand would make a guitar like that but it does look like a good copy and kept in a case atleast. you should see how it sounds before you try to sell it you might like it, off brands can sounds just as good as any well known guitar maker
Is there anything on the back of the headstock? Is it a set neck or a bolt on? Are those the actual inlays, or is it tape/sticker?

That thing looks hideous.
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