The above pic is included for reference only.

Because I can't find every feature I want in one guitar, I am strongly considering building my own. Everything else is pretty well covered here, but I have a question about paint.

I want to do a Crackle finish on a Les Paul with a clear basecoat showing the wood grain.

Does anyone know any limitations to what can be used as a basecoat?
just do a clearcoat over the woodgrain, then use a crackle medium over that, top color, and voila!

As far as I know, most any clear that dries hard should be fine. Do a test on some scrap and find out first though, although I'd recommend that for anything you're unsure about in a finish.

You can also use a school glue and water mixture instead of crackle medium, although I'd recommend doing a few tests first to find a good ratio of the two.
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