a pretty quick cover, learned by ear, which you especially hear in the solo. :P
I'm quite happy with it.
Video is not fully in sync, because I recorded it separately and I couldn't bother recording it again.


Mixing might not be great, I'm still learning. :P
Great cover! Really tight playing and good tone for the song!
The only complaint is that your G string appears to be kinda out of tune or the guitar isn't intonated too good.

You should cover "Baby Hates Me" by Danko Jones, I think you'll like it!
"****ing G-string!"
No, it could be. My guitar hasn't had a setup in ages, because I can only play it one day a week, so I'd rather play it than set it up.
I'll give it a listen. Thank you for commenting.
It's hard to hear what is going on during the main riff but it is clear something it going wrong at that part.You must be missing notes or need to clean it up a lot. Not too shabby overall. I remember jamming on this song a few years back.It's a good rock tune.
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