First, hello xD i'm new to Ultimate-Guitar's forums and this'll be my first post.
Ontopic: I own an Ibanez RG920QMCBE RG Premium Series Electric Guitar, I always poorly set it up by raising the action all the way up, until I'd be able to bend the string about six notes higher and get buzz from my D string, in a drop G-C tunning.
Recently I decided to begin learning more metal, rock and progressive songs and decided to begin with Metallica, I set up my guitar perfectly, nothing is to high or too low, I can manage to bend the strings quiet easily, enough sustain and fret buzzing only comes when I strum on my E string too hard, HOWEVER when I got to pinch harmonic, I noticed it became much harder to produce a sound, it sounds as if i'm using my neck pickup and my neck pickup produces no sound when I pinch harmonic.
It's not a matter of technique here as I was able to pinch harmonic before setting my guitar up and get an amazing sound.
I have no clue how do I need to re-set my guitar in order to get a better sound from pinching, if needed I can record my guitar and post it here.
A video of your right hand doing the pinch harmonic would help greatly. Then I could hear it and see if anything's wrong
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I always poorly set it up

I set up my guitar perfectly

It's not a matter of technique

It is a matter of technique.

If i understood you right your guitar was pretty badly set up, and then you got it setup perfectly and now you can't pinch? Right?

That's because (as you said) it was poorly setup and the strings where obviously very loose (You said you could bend 6 notes, i assume that is 6 semitones, and that's quite alot without a string breaking). Looser strings = easier to pinch with.

You'll have to relearn it with a properly setup guitar. It'll be hard at first but with time you will do pinch as good as before.

(This post is assuming i understood your original post correctly)
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if there is no sound you are appearently doing it wrong. you should practice it try digging in a little more and make sure you're holding the pick right. also I would suggest you keep your guitar set up properly to prevent problems later on. it might sounds cool to you and not effect much now except your technique, but a few months or maybe even years from now you'll have problems with the neck
make sure you have enough treble, that will make it easier to hear even the slightest one... and check if you're technique is correct with youtube videos... it took me a while to get it, I dont think I could manage to get one cleanly pretty much every time for a good month and a half... just keep trying
It's your technique, not how your guitar is set up. Once you get your technique down perfectly, you can do pinch harmonics on any string instrument.
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LOL ironically enough it was how my Multieffects pedal were set up, I accidently toggles "Drive" of my distortion off.
Just now I Noticed, if I turn it all the way up any little strum sounds like a pinch, awesome.
I start getting pinch sounding squeels at 30-35/100
So you posted a thread because you couldn't tell that you'd turned your distortion off?

Not sure if serious...
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