I was playing a short part I picked up from this metal song on clean and someone liked how it sounded.
So I'm looking to improve my playing by learning more metal and shred songs for technique. I have just started learning this mammoth of a song:

The Cataclysm by takayoshi ohmura

My normal playing is clean and diverse but not much into the metal and shredding scene.
I had some friends give me metal songs they like, but when I tabbed them the playing was not very diverse and the technique was just fast playing of simple stuff.

I'd really enjoy if some of you could reply and give me some good song suggestions!! I'm looking for stuff similar to this example I posted. So metal and subcategories of metal, intricate guitar technique, or fun to play songs, metal songs you really like because of the guitar parts, time span=anywhere from 1970-present.
Thanks guys!!! Much appreciated, CHEERS

TLDR:played metal piece on clean, want to learn more metal;please give me your song suggestions?
The best known shred stuff is from guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Van Halen, Petrucci and so on.

If you want something more interesting try Protest The Hero, they use shred to aid the melody of the song, not just to wank off.

As far as clean shred goes, check out Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders, he is stunning. Also, Guthrie Govan and Al di Meola are jazz shredders and are deffinately worth a listen.