Hey all,

I'm having a real problem with my fender american stratocaster bridge pickup. It's been an issue for a while now but it finally got to the point where it is unusable.

I'll try and put as much information out as possible to help isolate the problem. My bridge pickup has had a really low output for a while now. I could in the past just adjust the pickup cover a little bit and it would work properly again. But now this method has no avail. The output is so low such that it goes under the noise reduction filter. I took it into a small guitar shop but the worker couldn't get it working.

Some things I would like to note when hovering a steel screwdrive over the other pickups they hum normally, but over the bridge pickup there is minimal output. But when I touch the pickup with my finger it has a full output where the other outputs have no output when I do this. Does this indicate anything?

I'm trying to troubleshoot what is actually the issue at this point whether it be just standard wiring or the pickup is actually broken in some way. Here's a picture of the wiring.

Any troubleshooting advice to find the root of the problem is greatly greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

I've never dropped the guitar or anything like that, and the guitar is only about 5 hours old.

Everything looks properly wired to me. What does it sound like when you blend the Bridge and Middle pickup?
I took off the pickup and it read 11 K ohms for resistance where the other two read in the 6.5~ range. Does this indicate anything? Can I fix this? Thanks.