Hey all,

Long time lurker, first time post.... I am doing a custom build, and wanted to use the Ibanez ZR trem out of curiosity, as it has a bearing pivot, and is pretty well engineered. The only problems were the cheap and poorly implemented stabilization mechanism and the totally wimpy trem block they used. Ideally I wanted to use this trem, but with a standard claw, or better yet, a Tremel-No.

I approached the two well-known custom block guys (you know who you are). One told me to take a hike, the other quoted me $400. Fortunately, I happen to work with an ME who helped me spec out a custom block. I bought some C360 brass bar stock and had six made. I only need one, so I'm selling the others w/ screws for $50, shipping to con us 48 included, just to recoup my costs.

Warning: This block (which is 208g w/ 316L stainless M4 x 20mm screws, compared with the 86g standard block) is the same length (1-3/8") as the standard, but wider (1-3/4") and thicker (5/8"), requiring a modded trem cavity if you are using it with the S series Ibanez. I am doing a one-off custom, so this is not a problem for me. It also requires you to shave off two lame, very small alignment nubs on the trem plate with a Dremel (it takes about 2 minutes, and does not affect use of the original block).

So, if you were curious about the ZR trem (implemented the way it should be, IMO), here is your chance.