I need to take a rig to gigs with me and as I don't drive, it needs to be something I can transport onto buses/ trains and the like. I think the easiest way to do this is a 2x12 with a heavy duty trolley attached. I'm a little worried about steps and things like that, but . . . we'll get there.

I need the structure to be heavy duty, especially the wheels and axl (everyones seen the trolleys that die carrying beer at festivals.) It also needs to be fairly lightweight as I'm a small guy and the itself is going to be heavy. I'll also need a way of securing something as heavy as a 2x12 cab to the trolley.

I haven't yet bought the cab since I've been using an old celestion g12-125 in a homemade cab, but am looking at all sorts of things and I don't see one being any different from another as far as transport goes.

I figure a budget of about 50 GBP/ 75 USD.

TLDR: Anyone know of any manufacturers of trolleys/ dolleys that would be good for transporting a 2x12 on trains, buses etc.