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I started guitar at age 16 and my longest break from even touching it was about 1 week. Felt a little strange coming back to it. I'm 21
I quit for a couple months when I was starting out. Haven't been away since then. Play every day unless I absolutely can't, even if it's just for a little bit.
The longest I've ever been without playing my guitar was the 5 months I was at basic training last summer. I've been playing for 12 years, and for the past 6 years or so I never went a day without playing, except for when I went to basic.
I couldn't tell you. I don't really play guitar an awful lot to be honest with you. I'm sure I've gone a month or two without playing at some point
Probably a week.

However, I only play for about 1-2 hours a day. I should probably focus more on improving my technique (which I do) but every time I go to do sweep picking I feel like I just can't fudging do it

I'm kind of decent with most techniques, but sweep picking is the bane of my guitar existence.
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A week or two.
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I don't know. Nowadays I mainly just strum at acoustic, I haven't really practised in quite a while.

A month while on vacation. Sucks when you get back.
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currently I'm moving, I'm working full time and I'm helping my girlfriend move, so I dont think my guitar has come out of its case in the two weeks since my band recorded our first EP
About a week. It was because I was on vacation for a week. I try to at least touch my guitar once a day.
It was a week and a half I think, I've always been wary of long vacations for this reason, I hate being away from my guitar for longer than a day, and I rarely miss a day of playing.
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A week. I have guitar class weekly, so that helps.
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About... 2 days.... :/
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A couple of weeks, and that was like a year ago or so.
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Without playing at all? Probably around 3 months due to basic training and tech school (ended up getting it shipped to me while i was there for the last 3 months). I haven't played seriously though since i was about 19 (i'm turning 23 next month and played since 16). My dedication was gone after i quit the band i was in and after that i started working night shifts and would sleep all day. Now i'm working 9-10hrs daily and am married so i feel like i don't have time to keep up any kind of hobbies.

That's also the reason why i stopped doing a lot of things like playing video games, hanging out with friends, drinking any alcohol, listening to music unless i'm driving, chatting, being on ug...
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A couple of days....maybe a week. I practise a minimum of 2 hours a day so....
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Probably a couple of weeks while on holiday. I try to at least play a bit every day, normally manage a couple of hours.
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Two and a half weeks. I was on holiday in India. Could have happened again, but the next time I went on holiday, I bought a new guitar there.


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Erm, a 4 day period last year when I broke my left index finger, then a 2 day period the other week when I broke my right hand. I'm too dedicated to let borken bones get in my way! (Yes, I'm playing right now. Yes, my hand is still broken)

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Longer than 6 months. I was depressed.
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a week on holiday. second longest is about 12 hours.
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Two weeks minus one day. Took my guitar on holiday, didn't bring the tools to adjust the neck relief, tremolo spring tension and intonation.
Needless to say it was all horribly off and didn't play well, so I just didn't bother.

Second longest break is about 2 days due to repairs.
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Currently in the middle of one such break. Depends on what you consider a break though. Between learning piano, school, work and video games, I only have time to practice my piano so I can keep up to pace with my teacher's teaching.

I started piano about last year, but I last played my guitar a few weeks ago.
Two weeks or so. But I play pretty much everyday between one and four hours. Been playing about 4 and a half years.
I quite regularly go a couple of weeks. I think I've grown out of my teenage 'guitars are awesome' phase. Frankly, I find it slightly boring now. I'd rather read a book.
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3 years probably. **** all you guys who can't leave their guitar alone for more than a couple days. Go outside.
Three weeks at most, went to the US without it (I'm from the Philippines)


2 years ago, I quit for about a month. I used to practice 10 hours a day and had a band that practiced everyday. We broke up and it didn't end well. I was burnt out after that. When I picked it up again, I just focused on classical guitar.
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Well, when I first got a guitar at 11, I've played for a few months then I took like a 2 1/2 year break until I've seriously started playing in 2008.
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