hello, my name is matty. im new here and dont really know what im doing yet haha so forgive me. I have a band called romanticide. if you like falling in reverse, motley crue, avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, or black veil brides chances are you might like us. comments, critcism, i hate you, i love you is greatly appreciated and welcomed. you can find our music on my ug profile and at the following links




thanks a bunch guys and im happy to become a part of this site. dont be a stranger
I definitely see the influences in your music, but it comes off with a good original vibe. You guys really pack a punch with the riffs. I think you'll only get better with time, but it's definitely a good initial offering. Keep up the good work!
yeahhh i didnt decide on the band name. i got in the band after they started. ive been telling them this forever but they dont care haha and thanx dude im glad you like it