Has anyone taken any classes when it comes to recording/production/etc? I've seen some ads for the online schools and figured those were rip offs. I know MTSU has a great audio program. It's something I've considered just because I'm going to school anyway. But I know it's not imperative. Just interesting I guess.
My friend graduated Touro College and apparently didn't even learn how to mic a drum set properly. Then when he went to look for a job, the places he applied for make you pay for an internship.

That sounds like a nightmare to me.. but I'm sure it doesn't turn out this way for everyone.

It seems pretty interesting and MTSU is a reputable school. Even if you didn't go for that program, picking up a few of those courses would be cool. I know most of this is just hands on and practice. But I think learning some things in a professional setting would be beneficial.

I'm guessing most of the people on here with studios either were self taught or worked under someone before doing their own.
I went to Columbia College Chicago. It's a legit program, and you get a Bachelor's degree. It's actually approximately what an engineer (Electrical, Mechanical) would know about audio without all of the actual engineering, like how to build a bridge or wire a space probe...

I've discovered through the years that I actually learned more there about the finer details of sound/audio and the way we hear and perceive sound than EE's learn about it. Granted, it's NOT an EE, but quite a good education for real world applications. Even some non-audio companies will hire their graduates for computer or research work, or even engineering jobs.

They have probably the best reputation anywhere if you're talking specifically about audio.
I saw in your profile that you're from Georgia. Full Sail University is in Florida, and that's supposed to be a great school for learning Audio Engineering. Unfortunately, you don't get much time in their studios, and they don't allow you to book time in their studios for personal projects. If you're willing to travel to California, Ex'pression College for Digital Arts is a great school. I might be biased because that's where I go, but it's pretty amazing. They give you free studio time for personal projects while you're in school and after you graduate, small class sizes (30 people max), small lab sizes (6 people max), you get a Bachelor's Degree, and it's an accelerated program. You get out in 2 and a half calendar years. 8 weeks per class, 2 hour lectures 2-3 days a week with a 4 hour lab 2-3 days a week. You get hands on experience with large consoles such as NEVE VR, SSL 6000 E/G, and SSL 9000J. Throughout the courses, you learn Logic Pro and Pro Tools (and get to take certification tests for both), work with real bands, produce a live show, and do multiple post-production projects.
The Sound Arts program puts you through recording classes, studio maintenance, Live Sound, and Audio Post Production classes. All around, it's great. One thing though is that it's very fast paced, and what you put into it is what you get out of it.
Oh, and Jack Douglas is one of the lab instructors for one of the recording classes. In case you don't know who he is, he produced Toys in the Attic by Aerosmith, and was working with John Lennon the day he died.
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I live in middle Tennessee and have friends who went to MTSU for their audio recording program, and i myself just went to SAE Nashville in downtown Nashville... probably like 30-45 minutes from MTSU's campus. Ive heard great things about MTSU, But SAE is kindof more expensive but for me, it was worth it. I still don't have a job recording artists(I had to drop out due to finances), but i know what I'm doing and pretty damn good at it.
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