Hi, I've got a rather confusing problem with my floyd rose bridge, but I don't have pictures so I'm going to have to spell it out, so to speak. The first thing I did was take out my bridge to give it a thorough cleaning while I was replacing my strings, it was fairly dirty. I've done this a couple of times before, no big deal, no problems afterwards. This time, after I put my bridge in and was putting the springs back on, I heard it pop, like it had a lot tension on it, but didn't really move, and nothing seemed out of place at the time, so I overlooked it. Fast-forwarding to after I had my strings in tune and the bridge level I noticed that a couple of notes were completely out of intonation randomly; 5th fret, 9th, etc on the low e and a strings, so I looked around the bridge to find that the left side (E A D string side) of it was just barely hanging off the string height screw (pivot?) whereas the other side was locked in snug as can be, and nothing I can do can get it back into place so that the bridge is even again (not the same as level, it is level, it's just leaning to the right just a bit which I'm guessing is causing these problems)

I assumed this would be an easy fix but alas I'm on here asking for advice, and I'd rather not dish out $$ to a guitar store when I could fix it myself

If I didn't give enough information or I wasn't clarifying enough feel free to say so.

Seems like you simply didn't put the bridge back on the guitar properly.
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Check the strip of wood between the floyd and the pickup, they have been known to buckle into the pickup cavity. If that is ok then you may have a broken screw somewhere. I really dont know what else it could be. Good luck