Hey all, whenever it tune the B string on my les paul to pitch any fretted note is sharp, as you go up the neck it gets worse. I have played with the intonation which helps. At the moment I am compensating by de tuning my B string slightly, but open B sound terrible.

Any suggestions?
Look into the Buzz Feiten system
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B string is very hard to keep in tune. Try to intonate it the best you can, but just realize that it is almost impossible to get it to sound completely in tune across all frets and open.
guitars don't intonate perfectly across the entire fretboard.

LP's can be pretty bad about this, if you pay too much attention to it you'll lose your mind.

above the 15th fret it can get pretty hairy even if you have it intonated spot on at the 12th fret.
If you've adjusted the saddle all the way back and it still doesn't intonate right you can flip the saddle around to get a bit more range of adjustment