I do not know if this is the place to ask this. Its about the program Tab Pro that is provided by this sight. I found drum tabs (finally) but not sure how to read all of it.

I can't find where the legend is. On one song 40 is the snare drum on the snare drum line. on another song it sounds like 40 is snare but its on the base drum line. 42 is closed hi hat 46 open hi hat and 44 is closing the hi-hat. 57 is crash I guess and 36 kick drum. I think 51 sounds like the ride dunno what 49 and some others are supposed to be.

anyhow if you could direct me to where I can read what drum the numbers represent it would be appreciated.

New enthusiastic drum student
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Quote by eddiehimself

you might need to scroll down slightly, but it's there. For what it's worth, there is no flam sound so I tend to use 38 for a centre shot and 40 for flams.

Took me awhile to check back. But thank you so much that really helped alot. I dunno why most of the tabs would be written second snare(40) lol especially if there are no first snare (38) notes.

off I go to practice practice and drive my neibors nuts
As you've probably found out by now, the line on which a number sits has no meaning; it's the number that matters and it will be the same instrument/sound regardless of what line the number is on

As for the allocation of certain strokes to "second snare" when there isn't a first snare, I'm not so sure about it, but over at Songsterr it seems to be a similar issue, and I can only assume that Guitar Pro uses one system for assigning the drum music to MIDI numbers and Songsterr and Tab Pro use a slightly different system.

Sometimes I notice high, medium and low toms get changed to very high, medium high and very low (or similar). And there's usually stuff like "electric snare" and "acoustic snare", so I think rimshots get changed up, too.

Though, given how (relatively) simple drum sheet music is to read, I tend to ignore tabs if I can, especially MIDI ones.