so i recently purchased a peavey windsor halfstack so i can practice with my band, now im having terrible feedback problems at high volumes, i put the master volume up to a little more than half, i have my preamp at about 3 oclock or 75% up. if i keep my guitar volume knob low, i dont have that big of a problem, but at max its ridiculous feedback problems. how do people actually use these guitars in rock bands. i forgot to mention its a pop punk band (all time low covers) and so i need a lot of gain, so what should i do? i used the sound gate on my boss me 50, but it doesnt really help. should i invest in a new sound gate or what? any advice on how to get rid of this feedback?
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Fill the guitar with socks. That's not a joke. I think someone famous does it (Malcolm Young? Ted Nugent?)

ive been reading that around. does it really make that much of a difference. i would test it now, but my amp isnt here, its at my drummers house :/
B.B. King stuffed his guitars with paper before he got a Gibson custom without soundholes. That or a noisegate would do the trick.
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absolutely what will said

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I even went and read the old post. Three different people recommended a good noise gate to solve most of the problem. A dedicated noise gate, not the one attached to a multi effects board, will likely solve most of your issues. Most music stores will likely even let you bring your gear to try it out. I'm sure stuffing your instrument with socks help, but you are describing an issue that clothing won't completely solve. It is frustrating when good advice is given and its ignored. I don't care if you take or not, but a bunch of people tried to help you with this.

i honestly forgot about that post being about feedback problems because it eventually changed to a discussion about which amps were best and all that crap. sorry i dont remember but im sure it doesnt hurt to ask again. im trying to sock thing, and am looking into a noise gate, the one you suggested is pretty far out of my price range. ill probably head down to a music store this week or something to test others out
There are cheaper noise gates, I just recommended one that many seem to prefer, what is your price range?
A sound gate or stuffing it will work, but you should be able to cut down a lot of it by carefully placing yourself in relation to the amp. Stand farther away and walk around with the guitar, letting it feed back at several different places until you find a good spot that doesn't feedback as much.
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Buy a used ISP Decimator! They go from $80 to $100 used! I got one cause I was getting some nasty feedback when I play with my Thrash Metal band and it works much better than my Boss Noisegate. It keeps your tone the way it is! Buy one you will not regret it!
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There are cheaper noise gates, I just recommended one that many seem to prefer, what is your price range?

practically nothing right now haha, i guess ill have to stick to the socks until i get a job, but ill definitely look into the isp once i start getting a paycheck, thanks