i recently acquired a jazzmaster, and it has a clear pickguard, i was wondering if there was a way that i could wire little LEDS, or even better somehow a min strobe system, and have it receive power from the input jack? Thanks.
It'd need a battery. But it can be done. I saw a guitar that usind fiber-optic lights channeled through the fretboard for the side dots (instead of the usual pvc or whatnot) as well as other lighting features. Fiber Optic works well because you can place the LEDs in the control cavity for easy bulb replacement, but run the lights elsewhere.
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I don't think you can pull power from the jack, so you'd have to incorporate a battery in there somewhere.

Pretty sure he's right

I think it'd be best to wire it up, have whoever's doing this make a cavity for the battery in the back (I guess it would be similar to the battery compartment on guitars with active pickups) and a toggle switch that could either

-be triggered when you plug your cable in (Cable in, lights ON/Cable out, lights OFF)
-be made somewhere on the guitar so you can switch them on and off like the lights in your house.
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If you use a stereo jack you can make a "power breakout box" that goes in front of your amp/pedals where you hook up your voltage source to the ring section of the TRS jack.

A bunch of LEDs would eat 9v batteries for breakfest if you ran them reasonably bright