Location: Brownsville, TN 30 Minutes away from Jackson, TN and 45 Minutes away from Memphis, TN.
Bands we like:
Avenged Sevenfold
A Day To Remember
Falling In Reverse
Bullet For My Valentine
Trippy Bands

I'm looking for a guitarist, bassist, and singer for a really different type of music. My drummer and I are in to a vast types of music... we are just wanting more people to jam with and... possibly start a band. I consider myself an intermediate at guitar and my drummer is a beast on the drums and is extremely theatrically with the way he wants songs to be like.

We want a singer than can sing like Ronnie Radke from Falling in Reverse or Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember... basically someone who can sing their ass off.

We want to have grooving style riffs like Avenged Sevenfold and Pantera and some thrash style songs like Early Metallica.

We also like trippy/ Psychedelic stuff too so if anyone in our area has an interest in the type of music we want to make just let me know. I didn't go in to 100% full detail about the music we wanna make but I can if you post a comment about it.