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Oh goody we've never heard this song before.

I don't know how he found this obscure new band. I think this is a leaked track too. Great job TS...
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Thats a Misfits shirt troll.

What an amateur mistake. Everybody knows that is Dave Mustaine, who was the drummer in the misfits. I'm surprised such a noob managed to find such a rare picture of him playing bass.
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You guys are both wrong. It's Eddie Vedder

Wasn't he the bassist for Nirvana?
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Wasn't he the bassist for Nirvana?

AND guitarist.
omigawd you all FAIL! its clearly john paul jones with his old solo project metallica...noobs lmao
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That's some nice hair you've got there.

I'm watching you.

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If I was a rich man in 17th century Britain, I'd totally adopt Alec and make him my heir.

People say I tan easily, but that's just my Bronze showing through.