So this is something I wrote, not necessarily a song. Could you give me advice to maybe turn it into one?

I talk alot about the people who died
and in the end, it's really just a sad story
I don't know these people
And I really don't care
But everytime I listen
I actually think of you

It's funny cause I don't believe in an afterlife
So I believe you're rotting in the ground
But right now I'm speaking to you
Mainly to get it off my chest

I know you won't respond
But you were always there for me
I just want to say this
To your imaginary self

If you were still alive
Breathing and with consiousncess
I think we could have found a way
To get to the right path

But ashes to ashes
We make our own decisions
I don't want to impede on the life you led
I just wanted you to live the best you could

I wouldve been there for you
we all couldve helped
But you stayed there in your stupor
Trying to be 'better' than us?

It kills me to this day
That I didn't bring up
That I knew you were depressed
And you needed someone there

But in the end you're alright
You've beaten your addiction
You've paid the final cost
Even if it is annihilation
hey nightrain789,

I think the lyrics are good, very direct i think.
If you want to make a song out of it first focus on the general feeling that it should have.
What chords would you use? Should it be in Major or in Minor key? What Istruments would you like to add?

A song is the place were lyrics and music flow together in some kind of perfect symbiosis, you have to think about how to bring them together. This would be the next step.

Hope this helped a bit. Keep working on it!
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