Decided it would be better to re-post this thread, after I changed the whole lot of it, sorry if that's against the rules or anything...

Okay, in the last week I've posted 2 threads, firstly about how horrible my SG is: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1532005. Secondly about looking for advice on which guitar I should buy: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1532784.

Budget - I've a top budget of €450, but I would prefer to find a decent guitar for around €350-€400.

Favourite Artists: Loving Green Day & Paramore at the moment, basically any pop-punk/rock is good for me. Liking some 90s stuff as well recently, Weezer & The Smashing Pumpkins especially. I want a decent clean sound as well though.

Preferences: I like the Strat body style, and the LP style's good too. I'm not that worried about the neck type as long as it's not as bendy as my SG's... I've become distrustful of Epiphone after my SG also.

Pickups: I'd like HSS pickups, for a bit of variety...

New or used: Definetly new, in Ireland you only pay €20 less for a used guitar

Location: Cork, Ireland. 2 music shops in the county and they only seem to only sell Gibson's and Squier's...

Current Gear: Epiphone G-400, Zoom GFX 707, Orange Crush PiX 35LDX. Love the amp, love the pedal, hate the guitar.

I'm strongly considering the following but I'm open to suggestions:
MIM Strat:
And the Ibanez SA360 (http://www.thomann.de/ie/ibanez_sa360qmcbb.htm)

I've also found something strange about the Ibanez SA360 it costs €389, but this guitar looks the exact same for €90 cheaper...
I'm probably missing out on something stupid there, but they really do look the same...
And that Ibanez SA360 seems to be new, or just really unpopular, so I've found it difficult to get any reviews. So if any one's played one/heard one I'd like to know what it's like

Get the complete opposite to what you've already got. Works for me everytime. Variety thank you very much.
I think the Ibanez SA360 is kind of a cheaper more entry level version of the s series models,

If i were you i'd buy a second hand (ebay) ibanez s series. You can definitely find them within your budget in England. And most would probably send it to Ireland.
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I was wondering where that other thread went

Okay, now that I have the whole picture, I recommend that you get an HSS Strat. http://www.thomann.de/ie/fender_stdstratocaster_hss_rwcar2011.htm

Not sure why the HSS costs more than the SSS for you. That sucks. But I recommend saving up for it. If you can't, the SA360 is a good guitar as well, but it will sound weird (due to it having a mahogany body, but being a Strat type guitar).

The difference between the SA160 and SA360 is that the 360 has better pickups and higher quality wood. Ibanez 1XX models are usually pretty bad.

Quote by Tune my fork
I think the Ibanez SA360 is kind of a cheaper more entry level version or there s series models,

The S and SA are totally different things.
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HSS Strat... looks good...

But is it worth going a month without Xbox Live for.... gotta think about that one...
Yeah probably, get the HSS. A strat with hot rails would be good, like the one Billy Corgan plays but you can only get a Squier one or an American Signature series one :/
Found an Epiphone Korina Explorer for €90, going up to see it on Saturday, if it's good I think I'll just stick with that for a bit :P Thanks for the help anyways