Hello UG!
I need an amp, because well I'll be going from Acoustic to Electric very soon, but can't decide on an amp yet.
My budget is around 200€
The amps I have in mind:
1) Fender Mustang II
2) Blackstar HT-1
3) Fender Champion 600

Any other recommendations?
I like SS because it has a few effects on them. I still wan t good tone, though. With the HT1 I would need pedals.
The only pedal I would use with an SS would be a looper.

I play mostly Blues and Classic Rock so no high gain stuff.
I won't be using it for gigging.
I could get the HT5 or Mustang III for around 200 used. But I fear the HT5 will be too loud for my flat and the Mustang III has the 'fizz' issue.
Any help is appreciated !
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Well, I think you have to ask yourself what you want. If you like an amp with lots of bells and whistles, the Fender Mustang II is a good option.

If, however, you don't like complicating the matter with effects etcetera, the HT-5 sounds pretty good for the price, especially if you can get one used. It's also not loud enough to worry about your neighbors (it has a master volume for Christ's sake...).
It is, however, a bit more high-gain.
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You may want to look into a Vox VT.
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