Their are a couple demos of this amp running el34s and the amp sounds fantastic but the problem is the tube redplate without modding. It originally runs 6l6 but I wondering what I could do to get it to run el34s without redplating. Thanks.
it is almost definitely a bias issue, the JCA100 has a fixed bias that is internally adjustable and is obviously way too hot for el34s, you need to cool the bias... just don't ask me which way to turn the trim....
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The problem from what I understand isn't the trim of ththe bias but more so its range I'm thinking I have to replace the resistor from a 470 to a 1k value but I'm more worried about the power handling of the transformer
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Using el34s instead of 6l6s would probably increase the power output at most to 120 watts. You lower the screen voltages and reduce the power. The thing I would be concerned about is impedance matching.