PLZ help my band get fans. one click that takes like 3 seconds could really help us out sooo much. thnx UG
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Metal scene? Dude that's deathcore.
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So by liking your band, we're somehow going to have a significant effect on the entire "metal" scene? Sounds legit.
Also, your name is waaaaay too nerdy. Like not even fantasy novel nerdy, its engineer nerdy.
A) Promote Your Band forum
B) Your band isn't good
C) I don't want to help you
D) Metal scene?
E) Your band really isn't metal
F) You have very poor taste in "metal"
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1 wrong forum
2 no
3 your music's bad and you should feel bad!
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ITT: Immature twats
You're late to that style of music and the clean chorus's are really pointless. Most of the other riffs were done far better by other bands. The guitar tone is really muddy and unclear, I would advise getting that cleaned up.

Basically, I don't like it.
This is generic and bad. Replace your singer/amp/riffs/chorus.
EDIT: The only way to make Death-core listenable is to be Veil Of Maya. So rip them off.
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LOL **** off deathcore fag.
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I'd rather kill off the metal scene with fire, frankly.
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LOL **** off deathcore fag.

Fuck off grindcore fag. lolololo.

Not really diggin' it TS.
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I make music sometimes.
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Fuck off grindcore fag. lolololo.

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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.