My friends been trying to get rid of this guitar for a while now. His reason for selling is because he bought a Les Paul which set him back more than he expected, and has tried making it up by selling off his other guitars. Both of which are Deans, I'm not too sure on the other one, all I know is it's another Razorback. I don't really know much about prices when it comes to Deans (or anything when it comes to Deans) so any offers would be appreciated, even estimates in value. I know the Razorback explosion has a very small chip at the top of the headstock which could be fixed without professional help, but you never see it unless you actually look for it. it also comes with a custom fitted hardcase.

If there's any interest I'll get him to send me some pictures for whoevers interested, if not, I won't be hugely surprised.

Sorry completely forgot to mention that.
in GBP, he's based in Peterborough (UK) and would prefer collection, but I can easily persuade him to use a courier.
I can remember those deans retailing between £600 and £700 when they came out, I'd advise your mate not to accept anything below £400 - considering the fact that those deans have duncan pickups and floyd rose bridges.
That's the problem he's been having whilst trying to sell it, it does have some great components, but not many people like the Razorback shapes these days, so he has to bring the price down to accomodate. Thanks for the help, and if you know anyone who might be interested, please send them my way.