Well i decided to change my Jackson's RR3 stock pickups (seymour duncan jb tb4 bridge and sh-2n jazz neck),i changed the bridge one with a seymour duncan invader, and now i want to change the neck one, im playing a lot of power/epic style metal (blind guardian etc...) and melodic death, im searching for something more powerfull than the sh-2n, with more sustain for my leads, with the current one my bends etc are fading very fast... (im not interested in active pickups, cause i ll get an emg kit for my other jackson ) any ideas?????
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Depends on your amp. Without knowing, go for the LiquiFire.

Yh, that seems to be the neck pickup of choice for clarity, sustain and good articulation under high gain. The duncan full shred is also a good call - jackson even use the invader/full shred combo in their USA Warrior model
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well for the moment i use a Behringer GX212 (not big deal but i got it for free with a guitar link "stealth plug'' from ikmultimedia) and i use the amp like a monitor thing because im using amplitube 3 to get my sound (amp's sound is crap) but i dont care a lot for my ''home'' sound, i became interested in changing pickups when the time came to record an EP with a band and i noticed in some studio practice and live that my stock pickups were not that much of a deal (low sustain etc)
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