can anyone explain to me what a boost pedal does? my guess is that it just makes you louder?.... thanks
Yep, you got it right on the spot

Usefull for when your amp doesn't have enough distortion on its own and you need a little extra to go over the edge.
Or just when you need some more volume for solos and such.
It just boosts the signal from your guitar, like a mini preamp. I wouldn't buy one, because you can basically do the same thing with an overdrive pedal or an EQ pedal, plus get a lot more bang for the buck.
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eq pedal? whats that?

eq = equalizer

Its like a more advanced version of your amp's bass/mid/treble controls that allows you to really tweak the sound
Boosts the signal from the guitar to the amp, so if you're doing a solo you can cut through the mix better. That's basically it.
You can do pretty much the same thing with an overdrive pedal if you turn the gain to 0 and the volume over noon.

EQ pedals aren't that expensive, by the way. About the same as any other pedal.
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A good boost, Eq or overdrive would pretty much all cost the same. Depending on what you want will depend on what you get. (clean boost, Eq. Extra dirt, dist).
This is all assuming that you actually want to buy and weren't just asking out of curiosity XD
the way it's normally used (i.e. into an already distorted tube amp) will give you more distortion rather than more volume
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Overdrive pedals and boosts are so misconstrued all the time.

The only time a boost will make you louder is if you're playing a clean amp or if you're running it in the effects loop above line level. Otherwise, it won't do anything, nor will it really help you "cut through the mix" unless you're the only guitarist or the other guitarist is playing with much less gain.

Running a boost into an already-overdriven amp will just add more dirt (because you're sending basically a hotter signal into an already hot amp), and if it's an OD, tighten up the amp a bit.

The majority difference (not true on some amps) between an EQ pedal and the amp is that an actual EQ (not amp mounted) is active instead of passive, i.e. it will boost AND cut frequencies.

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My MXR super-comp seems to boost my amp very nicely when the attack and sensitivity controls are set to the max.