So I'm using SD2.0 with Reaper and when I open new virtual instrument some 16 tracks come up. However, apparently only the first one controls the samples. Then I create a new MIDI item on that track and double click it opening the chart. Each row has it's own sample, but this is the problem. Some samples (eg. the kick) can have 3 of the keys and then there are a few keys for some random velocity variations of some. The actual problem is, that after going through all of them, none of them are the rides. So not all of my samples (of my kit in SD2.0) are available.

Also, is it possible that each of those created tracks would control its own sample (MIDI trigger)?

When in doubt keep SD open and look at what's being triggered in the Piano Roll. If I remember correctly the Ride is somewhere near the Hats.
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Oh I found them once I scrolled down. I'm just extreeeemely confused by this. Why do I have 127 keys that all trigger something? Some samples are triggered by multiple keys, and some keys trigger some ridiculous variations that sound like shit and it takes an hour to find which ones are the real trigger keys for the actual kit that I have
But isn't it possible to somehow do things so that I can create a new midi item to each track and chart the notes on each track individually, so that if I want to look at the kick lines that I have, I don't have to open the item that has ALLLLL of my charted notes?
You can manually change the key each drum is played with. At the bottom right, there is a little box and just type in C1 or whatever (my kick key).

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